Giant personality and itty bitty legs… the Dachschund

Dachshunds are such cool dogs. Giant personality and itty-bitty legs. A long sleek body that could fly if we added wings. So long and aerodynamic – but an engineer wouldn’t ever design a dog like that – it’s not efficient and that adorably long body doesn’t absorb the forces of every day activity well. When they do normal dog stuff, running or jumping, their spine takes on more force than other dogs. This creates a much higher likelihood of back and disc problems.

Just like we see in our human patients, an animal can have a bulging or herniated disc. When your disc bulges, it can pinch a spinal nerve or even the spinal cord. And, just like people, it may require surgery or it may be helped by a chiropractor who is trained in the realignment of animal spines. Every surgeon will tell you to try conservative care first.

How can you tell if your Dachshund has a pinched nerve or spinal cord? Look for:

– Signs of pain – less active or hiding under the bed.

– Yelping when they jump onto or off a bed or couch.

– Foot drag or limping or some degree of paralysis

What to do: See your veterinarian to make sure it’s not a surgical level disc problem, then ask them for a referral to a chiropractor certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. These are chiropractors and vets who are specifically trained in the field of animal spinal realignment.

A dog’s spine must move, and when joints are misaligned and “stuck” or when a disc bulge is encroaching on a nerve, we have a big problem.

A properly trained chiropractor with the right equipment can often restore normal motion in joints, relieve pressure on the nerves or spinal cord, and help speed the healing that your sleek beauty needs. We don’t replace your vet, we help your dog regain the alignment that will allow them to live an active life as they get older.

That’s the take-away here – Movement is Life. At any age and in any breed, whether human or Doxie – Movement is Life and life is better when you and your Doxie are well adjusted.doxie