My Philosophy


Animals sustain injuries, get arthritis and have spinal misalignments just like us, so I firmly believe that animals can benefit immensely from veterinary spinal manipulative therapy. I find areas where there is loss of motion in the spine and work on restoring proper alignment and range of motion which, just like in humans, allows the body to heal from inflammation and joint stress.

Many times I am the last resort – everything has been tested, medicine hasn’t helped or the animal’s symptoms returned. Misalignments don’t show up in traditional tests – their effects do.  If I take these last resort cases, I am often not certain that treatment will help, and I tell the owners that.  I let them know that with the gentle care I provide – the worst that can happen is there is no change.

However, the gentle work I do is often successful in treating conditions affecting movement and symmetry of animals. Many animals respond positively to treatment and their rehabilitation can progress quickly and efficiently. Often, I’m amazed by their resilience and innate ability to heal and return to normal function. Many times owners are amazed at the burst of energy their animal will  initially exhibit after treatment. They come to the realization that their horse or dog was in more discomfort than they realized.

I don’t only treat animals with injuries. Like human athletes who get alignment and bodywork to keep in optimum shape, I provide a “tune up”  service for performance dogs and horses a few days before events. Some owners swear that it helps them perform well.

Whether your animal isn’t feeling like himself or needs bodywork for their next agility competition, I’ll work with your veterinarian to ensure that your horse or dog is getting the best combined care as possible.

Does your animal exhibit symptoms?